The main concern of the founders of the Human Resource Development Foundation who have established the organization in 1988 was the rapid population growth and the uncontrolled development of the country without any rules. Turkey has fast become urbanized, cities have become industrial centers, and large migration movements have transformed the society. For, HRDF which has been established during this transition period, the main working area has become the changing fertility choices and changing reproductive health service needs of the people. While working in this area, it was not possible to undermine gender inequality and gender based violence and within time, the Foundation added elements to support women's empowerment in its ongoing programs. Turkey was not the only country that is going through changes, many changes were happening all over the world. The increasing economic disparities between the countries, improving means of communication facilitated the transnational migration and Turkey became a destination country while it was an origin country in the past. For an organization that works in the area of population, it was a duty to provide support for those who have been affected by migration. HRDF developed and implemented programs that support asylum seekers, refugees and lately victims of human trafficking.

HRDF continues to contribute to the solution of the emerging problems in the society with its programs.